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Arpad has had a traumatic beginning to his acting career....... 

After he found out his father had been murdered, he was devastated, and rightly so.  He found it difficult to cope, and turned to a new passion, acting.  While on stage, he has managed to escape the torment of the murder of his father, and enter into a new world, one with which has met with enjoyment  and great success.


He was "discovered" by a producer, and was asked to perform as the leading role in a play that was included in a documentary.  This documentary has received multiple awards.  He has been commended by the Producer for his outstanding contribution, "I believe Arpad played a huge role on our team, as Casting Director, and in acting in the play within the documentary.  His contribution has helped with the success of the film", Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Producer/CoDirector, "Vulnerable Innocence".


Arpad is known for his versatility on stage.  

Among his many roles, are:


Casting Director - Documentary, Vulnerable Innocence


Vulnerable Innocence - played Predator


Garrison's Garage - played Frank (the Mechanic);


Harvey - played the Intern Dwayne Wilson


Captain's Outrageous - played Austin T. Oliver, Bread Company President


M*A*S*H - played Sgt. Walt Waldowski (Dentist)


Pollyanna - played John Pendleton (Wealthy Recluse)


Heidi - played Dr. Classen (Country Doctor)


Do Patton Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? - played Father O-Reilly (Priest)


Arpad has attended different acting workshops, 

including a Master Class.


He has acted in dramas, comedies - many different genres.  He comes highly recommended by several directors.  He has also directed and produced various productions.

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